Costco: Tagliatelle Grilled White Chicken & Portobello Mushroom Sauce

I saw this package at Costco a few months ago and was intrigued. You know what I loved even more than the 8 minutes in a microwave thing? They provide the microwaveable bowl! No dishes? My lazy soul has been sold. I was scrolling through the many pictures I have yet to upload and happened upon this one and thought the timing was perfect because it’s going on sale at Costco this week (Thursday to be exact).

Here are the contents, ready to go! In the provided microwaveable bowl.

Fresh pasta!

Portobello Mushroom Sauce

Sliced Chicken Breast

Finished product! Nothing like a dump and heat up dish. How was it? I would have loved a bit more pasta because there is a LOT of chicken meat! Overall I thought it was pretty good. I don’t remember how much I paid but it’s going to be $3 off with the new coupon book so give it a try! Let me know how you like it. 😀


  1. N says:

    I now don’t have COSTCO but Groupon has an offer that’s really good now and I am debating. When I had COSTCO I only bought their chicken but then parking is such a hassle all the time and I’m retired so can go any time and any time it’s always a hassle. Then cuz of my health I gotta use their scooter but sometimes no moe. It became such a hassle and I really don’t need or want the volume since it’s only for me. Your chicken review is making me re-think whether it’s gonna be worth it. It’s not that convenient to get to it either. Hhhhmmm. -N

    • Jenny says:

      Oh N, I agree. Iwilei is so nuts. I would recommend Hawaii Kai but it’s a bit further out. I usually try to go Costco nearer to closing time so at least I can get parking and it’s not too crazy busy. Been pretty okay at night. That groupon deal is right on and thanks for sharing it, I shared it with my coworker who is contemplating a membership as well. In the end, the deals are too much for me to miss…and the gas! Let me know what you plan to do. And what about your beets? lol.

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